AS Postimees Grupp includes five radio stations, which have been broadcasting well-balanced radio programmes for various target groups for 27 years. Three of the radio stations (Elmar, KUKU, Myhits) are aimed at Estonian audiences and two (Narodnoe, DFM) at Russian audiences.

Radio advertising works!

This statement has been proven time and again and has guaranteed the consistent popularity of radio advertising among customers. Radio listeners are dedicated and their feedback and response can be clearly measured. Radio commercials are dynamic and creative, while also being easy and cheap to produce.
Radio does not necessarily have to be the only advertising channel, but it should definitely be among the media selection of a truly efficient advertising campaign. The radio is an irreplaceable support channel!
Radio advertising is not just limited to broadcasting radio clips – it offers many opportunities in the form of support packages, special solutions and programme support.
For instance: weather forecast support, full-hour support, sports news support, traffic sections, classified ad section support packages, TOP lists, popular dance nights, listener game support, discount weekend packages, etc. There are very many ways your message can stand out.
By using the specific features of radio, you can reach your target group in different situations and at different times of the day – in the car, in the kitchen, at work, in bed – and it is therefore no wonder that the radio is also one of the most popular media channels in Estonia.
For consumers, the radio is an intimate form of media. They can pick their favourite radio station and their favourite programme hosts or programmes. This creates a strong connection between the media channel and the consumer. It is a choice: “I listen, because I like it.” For an advertising customer, this means an opportunity to benefit from that connection by presenting a trademark or product in the right place at the right time.
The radio offers endless possibilities for being creative, to make people see the desired image in their head using voices, audio effects and music. The claim that there are no images on radio is one of the main misconceptions. The impressions and images that are created in people’s minds are a very powerful tool to be used in radio advertising.
The radio offers all of that and – what’s most important from the advertising customer’s point of view – at a very favourable price.
When planning an advertising campaign for radio, it is definitely worth consulting the advertising department at AS Postimees Grupp first. Our consultants will assist you all the way, from mapping your needs and producing radio clips to preparing a suitable media plan and assessing the results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will find the best solution.