Technical requirements

General terms and conditions

  1. Postimees uses the most acknowledged ad server Google AdManager 360 to serve advertisements.
  2. Google AdManager 360 is algorithmically able to prefer the best sites, positions, dimensions and creatives for each campaign.
  3. Postimees uses and accepts advertisements in four formats:
    • Image file (.jpg, .png, .gif)
    • Video file (.mp4)
    • HTML: (
    • Serving script
  4. NB! Advertisements in Flash format are not allowed because of browser (Chrome and Firefox) users do not see Flash advertisements
  5. The advertisements must not imitate news nor the appearance of Postimees.
  6. When sending the advertisements, all files must be added to .zip container and must be sent as package.
  7. In addition to files, client needs to send URL addresses that advertisements refer to. Postimees does not use URL addresses in which adserver detects viruses or potentially harmful features. URL addresses must not contain characters with umlauts.
  8. In case of undelivering in campaign volume due to restrictions (frequency capping, subsite targeting, day and time targeting) Postimees will compensate missing impressions in the first opportunity.
  9. In addition to the conditions established by Postimees all advertisements must comply with the laws of the Republic of Estonia (including Advertising Act).
Image file
  1. Image file must be in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  2. Maximum permitted size of image file is 100 kb.
  1. Video file must be in .mp4 format.
  2. Maximum permitted size of video file is 2 MB.
  3. For showing video banner advertisements we use HTML container which has buttons (play/paus and mute) and its default settings are:
    • Sound is OFF.
    • Automatic start is ON.
    • Automatic repeat is ON.
  4. When showing video advertisements as pre-, mid- or post-rolls, the user can choose to skip advertisement after 12 seconds.
  5. Metadata of video file must be in the beginning of the file.
  1. HTML-ad must be in correct .html format and all HTML, CSS and JavaScript functions can be used.
  2. Maximum permitted size of HTML advertisement is 150 kb. The size of HTML is measured by network traffic.
  3. The advertisement must not involve images, JS, CSS nor other files outside the .zip container sent to Postimees (except Google and Adobe CDNs).
  4. Elements of an image used in the advertisement should be sprite from one file.
  5. The code of the advertisement must compile without console errors.
  6. HTML advertisement must contain clickTAG. There are two steps for adding it:
    • Copy the following code between <head></head> TAGs.
      function getQueryStringValue (key) {
      return decodeURIComponent( RegExp("^(?:.*[&\\?]" + 
      encodeURIComponent(key).replace(/[\.\+\*]/g, "\\$&") + "(?:\\=([^&]*))?)?.*$", "i"), "$1"));
      window.clickTAG = getQueryStringValue("clickTAG");
    • Add clickTAG to <body> TAG, so it would look like:
      <body onclick="; return false;">
  7. In case of several different clickTAGs use:
    window.clickTAG = getQueryStringValue("clickTAG");
    window.clickTAG1 = getQueryStringValue("clickTAG1");
    window.clickTAG2 = getQueryStringValue("clickTAG2");
  8. To display HTML advertisement correctly add CSS rules:
     html, body
     { padding: 0; margin: 0; }
    img { border: none; }
  9. Tracking-pixels can be added inside HTML advertisements. It has to be remembered that tracking pixels are activated later (after displaying the advertisement) and because of that the statistics of impressions might vary.
  10. HTML advertisement is recommended to be responsive. For that, width and height parameters should be set to 100%.
  11. HTML advertisements created by tools (Edge, Swiffy, GWD) also need to meet the afore-mentioned requirements.
Serving script
  1. It is not possible to show advertisements in mobile with serving script (the solution is not responsive).
  2. Advertisements displayed with serving script must comply with all the afore-mentioned requirements.
  3. AS Postimees Grupp is not responsible for contents and/or technical errors made by third parties.
  4. AS Postimees Grupp guarantees the volume of impressions by Google AdManager 360. Differences in statistics of impressions are usual when using third party metrics because of technical reasons.


Aadress: Maakri 23a, 10145 Tallinn, Eesti
Telefon: (+372) 666 2350

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