In addition to Kanal 2, AS Postimees Grupp also includes Estonia’s most viewed niche channels, Kanal 11 (started in 2008), Kanal 12 (started in 2011) and the domestic music channel MyHits (started in 2018). We also provide advertisements for the TV channels TLC and Discovery as well as the popular Russian-language TNT.

Buying advertising time on TV is not nuclear physics

Although it may seem that buying advertising time on TV is complicated and expensive, that is not the case. Two options are used for planning TV advertising: TVR and RBS. A TVR campaign allows the customer to choose the most suitable channels and programmes. An RBS campaign would be planned by us on the basis of the initial data given by the customer and using all of our channels. We do not expect customers who come to us to be familiar with the detailed nuances of TV planning – it is not at all necessary. The important thing is for you to know which target group you would like to address and we will help prepare the best possible campaign to achieve your objective based on your needs and budget. Advertising on TV gives you an opportunity to reach many different target groups and to achieve the broadest coverage. In addition, the widely held opinion that advertising on TV is expensive is not true. The contract price is actually the lowest on TV.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will find the best solution.